How to use celebrity endorsement to promote your next event


Celebrity endorsement has never gone out of fashion, it's as powerful today as it ever was. The fact is brands love endorsements, (remember your event is your brand), and consumers are influenced by celebrities - perhaps now more than ever given their accessibility through social media.

While 'celebrity' sells, not every association is a winner, especially if the celebrity is at the centre of controversy. We've all seen sponsors having to make a tough call on whether to stand by or back away from celebrities in this instance. So, is it worth the risk?

It's undeniable that brand association through celebrity is positively impacted. While sales can increase 20 per cent or so, the talent fees or content fees to secure celebrity endorsement still need to be factored.

The fact is we live in a content-driven world, but we also need to think about the impact of overexposure. This is where a celebrity strategy works because you dramatically increase the chances of reaching the consumer's conscious mind.

Of course, not every brand or event you create needs the celebrity factor. The celebrity has to be relevant to the brand and to your target market. But the upside is huge, especially if you leverage your celebrity association across multiple channel experiences. What you're doing is building a brand narrative, cutting through the advertising clutter and creating channel-specific optimisation.

Other advantages include the opportunity to:

  • Tap into an active fan base to reach new audiences
  • Utilise the celebrity's brand halo to generate sales
  • Build reciprocity into the partnership by supporting the celebrity endorser's brand
  • Innovate the event experience around the celebrity
  • Collaborate with other event partners and sponsors utilising the celebrity factor

There's plenty of upside when you take the time to understand the value of celebrity endorsement. When leveraged appropriately, it is an amazing brand-building strategy that can really boost the image and potential of your event. Celebrity sells, and with all the social media influencers and high profile talent out there, it isn't out of your reach and can lead to great marketing triumphs.

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