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They also give business owners and staff an opportunity to revisit their business plan and define 'What Makes Us Exceptional'. This was a terrific exercise that our client has just completed and I encourage you to take 10 minutes out to answer these questions about your own business.

It will really help define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so next time your team leveraging an event sponsorship, have a trade stall or an opportunity to share a few words about your business – you know exactly what to say.

So here are the questions, and an abbreviated version of some of the potential responses you could give. Be honest, and transparent with yourself. We challenge you to come up with your own answers so you know where your gaps might be.

1.We are better because…..

….. we put the local community first. We provide hands-on, full-commitment sponsorships that lead to significant community benefits.

2.We are smarter because…….

….. of our intimate understanding of our customers' needs, that informs whatever we do.

3.We are faster because…….

…… we listen carefully and are agile enough to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and the greater community in which we work, live and play.

4.We are more effective because……

…….. we embrace innovation to make incremental improvements to our business.

5.We are more desirable because……

…… we offer our community the local knowledge and authentic connections that they seek from a service-based business.

6.Our services are more accessible because…..

….. we strive to retain face-to-face contact alongside digital solutions. We adjust and adapt our services to suit the needs of individuals, organisations and the community and respond quickly in times of emergency and change.

7. We are more reliable because.....

……. we deliver a consistent service and we do it when we say we will.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Of course if you have any questions or need management support for your sponsorship portfolio, please reach out.

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