Open House Melbourne

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    Open House Melbourne
  • Date
    16 Jul 2022 - 17 Jul 2022
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    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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    Melbourne, VIC

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2022-07-16 09:00:00 2022-07-17 17:00:00 Australia/Sydney Open House Melbourne We invite people to explore outstanding houses, buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that illustrate our rich history, reflect how we live and work, and offer insights into our future city. Melbourne, VIC Open House Melbourne


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Target Demographics
  • 16 - 39 Years
  • 25 - 54 Years
  • 16 - 54 Years
  • 55+ Years
  • Both Male/Female
Target Regions
  • Within 1 hour of the Event
  • Australia-wide

Sponsorship Benefits

Calling all architects, building owners and managers, community groups, and tenants. We are excited to announce that our 2016 and 2017 expression of interest for buildings is now open.

The Open House Melbourne Weekend informs people about the impact of good design and architecture by inviting them to explore examples of significant contemporary and historic buildings. Visitors learn about how built environment and urban planning initiatives and issues influence our culture and shape our future. We aim to ensure Melbourne remains a liveable and vibrant place by better connecting people with their city.

We had over 100,000 visits to 105 buildings in 2015. In 2016, we are committed to opening even more significant buildings across the city for our visitors, and we are increasing our footprint to include the a whole of metropolitan Melbourne.

The Weekend is a chance for you to tell the story of your organisation's place in Melbourne's history and future, and it's an opportunity for you to inform people about the impact of design decisions on the city.

We have a number of ways you can open your doors for the Weekend, from intimate pre-booked tours of residential buildings through to open access to the public for larger commercial and cultural spaces. The Open House Team will work with you to determine the best format for your involvement.

Event Background

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has been connecting people with good design and architecture in the city.

Event Details

We do this through our annual free weekend at the end of July and through a series of accessible, informative and entertaining talks, tours, workshops and events throughout the year.

The Weekend puts a spotlight on the unique spaces and places that form the foundation of Melbourne, providing an opportunity for you to consider what makes Melbourne unique. The Weekend showcases buildings of significance in a free and accessible format so everyone can experience the value of good design and architecture, and consider what makes a liveable city.

After being a finalist in 2010 and 2011, Open House Melbourne received the prestigious Melbourne Award for Contribution to Profile by a Community Organisation in 2012. Open House Melbourne also received recognition for our work promoting architecture to the public with a Special Award from the Australian Institute of Architecture in 2012.

Open House Melbourne is the result of an initiative by the Committee for Melbourne, Future Focus Group, and is part of the Open House Worldwide Network, founded by Open House London.

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