CommunityXchange launches NAIDOC campaign for a new approach to Indigenous education

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The dedicated team at CommunityXchange are determined to create a culturally embedded learning place and school for Indigenous children in Western Sydney. The school will be a pre-school through to Year 12 First Nations programme, delivering an inspiring approach to culturally relevant education for students and the broader Indigenous community.

Communityxchange has launched a fundraising campaign supporting creating a unique model of education specially designed to ensure First Nation children become thriving members of our community. This model has been developed by educators and academics in collaboration with Indigenous Elders.

The organisation's first step is a pre-school and early learning place in Mt Druitt. They have found the perfect premises in Mt Druitt to begin the pre-school, but are in need of seed funding to cover costs for the first year. The community organisation is looking for support from people throughout NSW who believe in the essential role of education in building a future for Indigenous children.

High school can pose an insurmountable challenge for some students in the community. The statistics confirm this, with only 46% of Indigenous students completing their education in Australia. CommunityXchange is working towards changing that by building a self-governed, purpose-built school embedding culture and Indigenous philosophies while meeting government curriculum requirements.

Communityxchange teacher Karen Isaacs said the school will become a new cultural circle.

"We have schools for all religions; we have Catholic, Anglican and Islamic cultural schools. Why, after all these years, do we not have an Aboriginal school that is self-governed by the Aboriginal people while we all live on this great spirit land. If Aboriginal students do not learn about this land and language, and how we interact with this land as the keepers of our culture, then how can other Australians gain access to that knowledge?"

The project will create a place where culture is represented in an authentic, contemporary way with families, elders and community members involved, engaged and contributing in every aspect of this place.

About Communityxchange

We are a close-working team of Elders, Aboriginal and Specialist educators, and administrators working together to build an Indigenous Meeting Place and Pre-School - Year 12 School in Mt. Druitt, Western Sydney. This Meeting Place is self-governed by the Indigenous Community and will provide a gathering centre for ongoing family support.


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