Local Fire In The Sky To Support Drought Angels’ Australian Bushfire Appeal

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The beloved community event will provide a key spike in their fundraising Appeal, with Drought Angels onsite across the day selling a range of merchandise to the crowd of up to 30,000. Launched Thursday last week, the Drought Angels Australian Bushfire Appeal supports drought and fire affected primary producers Australia-wide.

Drought Angels' goal is to help 500 affected families with a cash injection of $1,000 each by the end of January. "The heartbreaking reality that these families are now facing is, that after years of crippling drought they are now having to fight for their own lives and try to protect whatever livelihood they still have left.

Let's all come together, as their community, to let them know that we are behind them and we will help them during this long road to recovery," a statement from Drought Angels said. Head to Drought Angels' social media pages for a link to the appeal.

Hot 91 Heritage Bank Fire In The Sky, now in its seventh year at Cotton Tree Park, will feature new additions to the family friendly entertainment including flyboards over the water and an educational show onstage from local zoo Wildlife HQ. Wildlife HQ will bring along koalas, allowing people cuddles for a donation to Koala Crusaders, whose work has been of note throughout the Australian bushfires.

The event will also include musical entertainment, sideshow alley with countless rides, market stalls and over 25 street food vendors. Fireworks will be released over the water at 8pm, with a special soundtrack heard only on Hot 91.

Pet owners are advised to safely secure animals during fireworks. Visit hot91.com.au for full event information.


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