MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 13thFEBRUARY 2019 – KALÒN Sneakers Official Launch.

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If sneaker head and new mum to an eight-week old baby Evelyn Tsiambouris was not busy enough, her days are filled to the brim designing footwear for startup KALÒN Sneakers, launching her dream to the world online on Wednesday 13 February.

KALÒN Sneakers was born the day that the owner went on a sneaker shopping trip, only to find that after four hours of searching she just was not able to find what she wanted in a women's style. That same evening after coming home empty handed she began to put pen to paper, and promised herself she would pursue her dream of creating her own branded sneaker that was not bound by a gender stereotype.

Her vision was not about taking on the big names in sneakers, but about providing a local, boutique alternative to the likes of New Balance, Nike and Adidas to name a few. She confesses to an obsession for sneakers that spans many years. "My passion is making sneakers which are stylish, functional and not stereotyped by gender," said Evelyn.

Investing three tireless years, coupled with an unwavering passion for an authentic sneaker, Evelyn officially brings her dream to life with the launch of KALÒN Sneakers on Wednesday 13 February at 7pm AEDT online.

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