How to set goals that will rock your 2017


I'm reading a lot of written material about goal setting right now and its little surprise given we're only days from finishing with 2016. There's some great advice out there and all of its perfectly plausible but most of us have heard it all before and have incorporated the techniques in our routine with only mild success.

The truth is, no-one is immune from failure or disappointment. While I have had relative success with my goal setting over the years, the fact is, in recent months, I've started to feel like I'm losing my mojo. I'm lacking the motivation that once drove me so hard, every spare minute was assigned to getting a step closer to my ultimate outcome. During the school term I would walk my youngest to her classroom one morning a week and even then I would still be carrying notes in my hand in case the classroom wasn't open and shock horror - I would be left stranded, without my tools to work.

Of course I was never totally satisfied anyway. I struggled with the guilt of feeling like I was a bad mum because I wasn't present. I wasn't playing in the school yard like all good mums should. While I was successfully making sure every minute counted, I wasn't practising mindfulness and as time passed, this started to play more and more on my conscious.

It was October and I attended a couple of workshops at Wonderlust. One of them was a mindfulness walk where each of the senses were isolated and we focused on nothing but identifying with that particular sense. It was an uplifting experience and one I've continued to practise. Of course it also takes up valuable time and being mindful doesn't necessarily get the job done.

So what is the magic formula for kicking some big goals in 2017 - is it founded in being our most productive self or is it in being more mindful? Perhaps it's neither of these or a combination of both? How do you find your mojo and what is our 'mojo' anyway? The dictionary describes our mojo as: "a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful."

I want some of that! It's an attitude where we're just always happy, confident and creative. It comes easily to us and it's in this state that we're on our game. We're great influencers and we can rule the world – if we so choose. I know that feeling intimately, it's who I am. I've lost it momentarily and I want it back!

So this is my plan for getting my mojo back in 2017.

  • 1.I'm going to remember that it's all a game. My business is a game and I need to approach it that way to win. I can take myself a little less seriously and have fun with what I'm doing.
  • 2.I'm going to prioritise my day and I'm going to spend the biggest chunk of time on the projects that get me closer to my goals. This means I'm going to check in with my emails less and I'm going to focus on my unique talents more.
  • 3.I'm going to surround myself with people who share the same energy and positivity. These people are also highly creative and have unique talents that will continue to inspire me.
  • 4.I'm going to do what I fear the most. If I can find people who can help me bridge the gap between my ambition and my abilities then there is nothing to really fear.
  • 5.I'm going to become hyper-focused on my strengths – not my expectations. When I detach from my expectations I free myself to be the best I can be doing what I love the most.

Sound good? Want help setting your goals? Email me at or call me on 0408 734 709 – I'm only too happy to help. Wishing you every success as you rock your goals in 2017 – see you on the other side!

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