What is the benefit of sponsorship?

Sponsorships exist to service the needs of different parties in a mutually beneficial agreement. It can be one of the most successful marketing activations for business when it's done well. At the same time, sponsorships create sustainable communities by positively underpinning the social, economic and environmental impacts.

Will our Event attract sponsors through this site?

There is no guarantee you will find a match but we hope you do and your event will be receiving more exposure than ever before by listing with us – especially if you pay for the service. The higher your membership, the more you will be promoted in the emails which are sent to our prospective sponsors. We know we are able to generate great exposure and ask that you help to in promoting this great community initiative. While we can't know for sure the success rate of sponsorships beyond this site, we know that hundreds of introductions are happening every month. Of course, if you would like to share photos or videos or write a few words about a great connection you have made through this site, we would love to promote it as a testimonial for future Events and Sponsors.

What does it cost to use the EventSponsors site?

We offer a free service for Events but recommend you upgrade to receive a priority listing. We also offer a free service for sponsors with event opportunities, tools and template to help you promote your brand effectively in the sponsorship space.

Are you able to offer additional consultancy support?

As EventSponsors is an online sponsorship marketplace we hope that we can service as many Events and Sponsors as possible through this site. Our primary purpose is to generate targeted exposure of sponsorship opportunities but we also offer sponsorship best practice through our weekly blog on the homepage.

May I advertise on EventSponsors?

Absolutely, as an Event or Sponsor, you may advertise either on the website or on the weekly blogs. Simply contact caroline@eventsponsors.com.au for further information or to book a schedule.


How do I list an Event?

It should only take a couple of minutes to register. Simply Sign up or sign in and complete the required fields.

May I list multiple Events?

Yes, once you are registered you can keep adding Events.

Do I need to complete each field?

There are some required fields which you need to complete. There are others that are optional but you definitely improve your chances of connecting with sponsors if you provide quality detail about your event.

How do I improve my chances of attracting sponsors?

Our advice would be to think creatively about the leveraging opportunities. Sponsors want to engage with the people that attend your event. The more you can help them do this the better. Sponsors also want to measure their effectiveness – the more you can provide measurable outcomes the better your chances in attracting sponsors.

Can I still create unique sponsor opportunities?

Absolutely, in fact it's really important that you do this. You should register on EventSponsors but also create customised proposals because while we provide targeted introductions, you still have to create a compelling reason for the sponsors to want to support your event. A great starting place is to think about how you can enhance your event participants experience and offer this as experience an opportunity for the sponsor to own.

Which membership should I choose?

It's up to you but here's something to think about:

Free: It's a great introduction to what's possible with the site

Featured: This is easily the most popular way to attract sponsors

Premium: Used by agencies and larger events

Assisted: If you need some help, we'll call you for a one-on-one phone consultation that will give you strategic direction; focus and actionable steps to move forward.

Can I update or edit my proposal once I have posted it?

Yes, simply log in and through your account you can make as many changes as you would like to your event listing.

How quickly will my sponsorship opportunity be listed?

As soon as you've completed the required fields.

Am I able to make direct contact with sponsors?

We cannot facilitate contact with a sponsor until they click on the Connect button.

Will I know who is reviewing the Event?

We provide sponsor details only after they have hit the connect button. You will then receive notification in your private communication portal which allows you to communicate with the interested sponsor.

Should I pay a monthly or annual listing with the Premium membership?

It's entirely your choice based on your specific needs, but to help you consider this:

Annual option: The best choice if your Event is annual because it works out cheaper than monthly and you are promoted year round catching sponsors when they are deciding budgets.

Monthly option is ideal for one-off events. A recurring monthly payment is also easy to manage.

How will the site be promoted?

We have a strong network of media, community and corporate contacts. We also use email, social media, keynote speaking and advertising to attract sponsors to the site.

Will you charge a commission when connections are made?

Definitely not. This is what sets us apart from all our competitors, we don't charge commissions.

How do I redeem a promo code?

Simply input the code once you select a package option in the checkout process (limited to one promotion code per event).


How do I connect with an event-holder?

Simply click the "Contact Event" button. We then give you the event-holder's contact details so you can send them an email.

Do Events have access to my contact details?

No, Events are only able to communicate through private email after you have initiated contact using their Event contact detail information provided.

Can I save searches?

Once you join you can save multiple searches. Results matching your criteria will be sent to you if you decide on this option.

How do I discontinue contact with an Event?

Just send a message providing constructive feedback and signal you are no longer investigating the opportunity.

Why is the service free for sponsors?

This is how the marketplace works. We need to make it free for sponsors because we want to make it as easy as possible for sponsors to recieve targeted and relevant opportunities. When you make contact with an Event-holder to initiate further discussion, we know we've done our job in creating an efficient sponsorship sourcing solution.

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