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With so many event going virtual and physical events still facing an uncertain future in the first half of 2021, it's a good time to go back to the basics of building online engagement. Brands sponsoring community and cause-related events are leveraging their sponsorships through online content. And with virtual events now becoming month-long campaigns to fund-raise and grow awareness, there's plenty of opportunity for sponsors to leverage their involvement.

To build your company's winning digital content strategy here's a reminder of how to develop compelling content that's sharable and relevant:

1. Know your WHY – What's important to your brand and why are you sponsoring the cause? What is going to break through the content clutter? Don't just create content to earn likes without knowing your brand value proposition. Ensure your content is telling the brand story and building value for your loyal followers.

2. PLAN ahead – anticipate the sponsorship taking place and all the likely outcomes. If there's teams competing, there's always a winning and losing side. Prepare your images and videos in advance so you can be reacting in real time. With real-time marketing, the key is understanding that spontaneity requires plenty preparation.

3. Use the right TONE – make sure your tone of voice is consistent with your brand personality. Also make sure it's a match with your target market.

4. Remember to TAG – this is easily one of the most effective digital strategies available. Tag other sponsors, artists, teams, the venue and location of the event to increase engagement potential.

5. Use HASHTAGS – likewise, hashtags are an important way to identify your content within the hashtag hierarchy. It ensures you are joining the right conversations and are searchable by others.

6. Create content PILLARS – remember you can't be everything to everyone. You need to have key focus areas and that's the beauty of sponsorship. It means that you're putting your brand, your people and your care factor behind causes that matter and are important to you. Authentic brands are the ones that sustain their effort and commitment to the cause.

Whether you're new to sponsorship or a seasoned professional, it's important to always remember the brand building basics for online sponsorship activation via social media channels.

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