50 Reasons to Get Off the Grid this Holiday Season


I've just returned from a self-imposed month off the grid – by that I mean no internet, no social media, no mobile phone, no email – no contact with anyone outside of my family unit. I can absolutely say, having done it once now, I will do it every year. It has been the greatest gift I could give myself and I have re-emerged feeling fresh and with a new perspective ready to embrace the year ahead. While of course I missed my friends and colleagues, they know it's not a reflection of caring any less and I know they respect my decision.

If you have the opportunity to check out, and take some time for yourself, I highly recommend it. While Christmas can be tricky time of year, maybe plan for a few days off over the coming months where you can be answerable to no-one but yourself. Here's my Top 50 reasons for getting off the grid:

1.You become present

2.You develop a new perspective

3.You problem solve the world

4.You eliminate clutter

5.You become a nicer person

6.You lose the irritability around people 'stealing your time'

7.You become passive and are far more pleasant to be around

8.Nothing is as much of a problem as it once was

9.You spend quality time with the people you love

10.You laugh way more

11.You become a better parent

12.You don't miss 'being connected'

13.You notice things

14.You marvel at the sight of nature, the sound of water, the little stuff

15.You look forward to every day

16.You realise life is short

17.You make plans

18.You live it one day at a time

19.You feel energised

20.You honour yourself

21.You understand that most of the data we receive isn't necessary

22.You do what's meaningful

23.You make memories

24.You realise that you're not so important that you can't take time out

25.You owe it to yourself

26.You find out a lot of our perceived problems are self-imposed

27.You learn to eliminate unhelpful thoughts

28.You recognise that you only have one life to life – yours

29.You play more

30.You stop in time because there is only 'now'

31.You dream more

32.You find self-acceptance

33.You come up with new ideas

34.You want to give more

35.You don't have to try so hard

36.You have more fun

37.You stop living other people's lives

38.You can give of yourself completely in your relationships

39.You look better

40.You feel better

41.You sleep way better!

42.Things happen easily

43.You stop making excuses

44.You don't apologise

45.You feel the self-love

46.You no longer feel anxious

47.You challenge the status quo

48.You choose originality

49.You realise that this is how to 'get ahead'

50.You live your best life

The fact is, our day-to-day existence is highly connected, no matter who we are. We're always-on which means that we're so accustomed to operating on auto-pilot that we don't know any other way. Every spare minute is filled being busy.

These last few weeks I have laughed more, lost anxiety and found perspective. I encourage you to do the same, you owe it to yourself to live your best life.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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