Festival 2018 Cast Call

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Talent scouts from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games are encouraging artists and performers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville to get involved in Festival 2018 celebrations as part of the Games.

Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones said there was a range of paid and volunteer opportunities for creative artists to be part of the 12-day festival funded by the Palaszczuk Government.

"It's a great opportunity to be part of the Games and one of the greatest success stories in Queensland.

"I expect many people will jump at the chance to work under the direction of some of Australia's leading artists and producers.

"The festival will showcase all that is great about Queensland and reflect our lifestyle, culture and creativity.

"It's all about encouraging local artists, emerging artists and performers to get involved and embrace the Games," Ms Jones said.

A range of paid and volunteer opportunities for both established and emerging arts practitioners on the Gold Coast will continue to be offered over the coming months.

Opportunities currently available include:

  • 80 volunteer roles for dancers to work with a leading dance theatre company
  • 10 paid positions for comedic physical performers with De Base Productions
  • paid professional attachment programs for emerging creative or technical arts workers
  • a 5-day music residency program for 20 Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians with Bleach* Festival (applications close 9 October).

Opportunities will continue to be updated over the coming months at gc2018.com/festival2018-getinvolved

The festival will run in parallel with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) from 4 -15 April 2018, with a program of performances and installations in public parks, beaches and streets.


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