How technology is transforming audience engagement


In the last two years we've seen a rapid revolution when it comes to technology and how it transforms the way we do business. Technologies are also transforming the way sponsors and rightsholders build deeper engagement with their audiences. Communications are more meaningful, more personalised and more frequent so here's how you can make technology work for you.

Start by thinking about the three timeframes of an event: 1) the event lead-up 2) during the event; and 3) post event.

The key to engagement across all three stages of communication is providing access to exclusive content and experiences. Here's some ideas around exclusive access that might work for you and your event – regardless of whether you're a rightsholder or a sponsor.

Let's consider first on ways you can provide exclusive content:

Exclusive content for live audiences

  • To stats and content consumers can't get at home. This may be through augmented reality or other devices
  • To rehearsals, backstage interviews or green-room access
  • Streamed live video via mobile apps giving unique camera angles and replays from different perspectives
  • Next let's look at what you can do in terms of providing exclusive experiences:

Exclusive experiences for live audiences

  • Wearables that give consumers a feeling of being in the action e.g., the sensation of a tackle on field or the bright lights and buzz of being on stage
  • Fan zones
  • Digital souvenirs of experiences emailed post-event
  • Wristbands which replace admission tickets and provide a way for attendees to connect with one another. Prior to the event, consumers can register their wristbands online and linked them to their Facebook accounts
  • Mobile apps that direct consumers to bathrooms that have the shortest cues
  • Mobile app that guides consumers to the best route to and from the venue as well as the best available parking spots
  • 3D projection mapping
  • Social tags that populate media walls; Tweet walls; hashtag live; Instagram displays; selfie collages
  • Social/community programs that unite consumers of the event

And remember, events should be engaging with their consumers year-round. Here's how you can provide pre and post event engagement opportunities:

Consumer engagement opportunities pre and post event

  • Schedule Facebook Live Q&As with players, artists, curators etc
  • Create participation opportunities via voting or content creation
  • Share drone footage that's taken in the weeks leading up showing the event scaffolding to build the momentum
  • Launch a digital loyalty program, e.g., earn points by sharing team/event posts to social networks
  • Consider augmented reality opportunities such as animations and other pre-event branded content via product packaging, restaurant placemats etc
  • Provide fan recognition by selecting their social media posts/tweets etc to profile and promote
  • Crowdsource decisions such as the opening song a band may play based on the most popular (pre-promoted) hashtag used in the lead up to the event

There's are just a few of the ways technology can be used to enhance your engagement in 2023. There's countless more, but remember, less is more…especially when it comes to activating your events and creating brand / event advocates for life!

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