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So, you've launched your event or you've come onboard as a sponsor but how you leverage the sponsorship is just as important. As with all good sponsorships it's important to promote your involvement. Traditional advertising has always been the mainstay for marketing budgets and in recent years advertising on social or digital. But did you realise we spend more time relying on unbranded content to make purchase decisions than anything else?

A survey by Newscred, a supplier of content marketing software, Newscred, discovered "an interesting dichotomy" in that where we spend our dollars isn't where we spend our time as a consumer.

While a brand's website and social media play an important role in decision-making, the majority of respondents said they relied on non-biased, unbranded content marketing. Product and service reviews were relied on the most, with product demonstrations and user review websites also highly regarded.

What we need to do is allocate resources to the channels being used by our target market. How can you use this information at your next sponsored event?

There are countless ways, but with video remaining one of the most popular mediums to reach time-poor and attention-deficient consumers, you could record testimonials from event attendees after sampling your products; or experiencing the event. Grab the testimonials on the spot and in the moment when emotions are likely to be higher and consumers feeling more passionate about your product or brand.

Then revisit how you plan your marketing spend. Are you putting budget towards those channels that you rely on most as a consumer? If not, reallocate your budget so that you're maximising your return-on-investment. Know what resonates with your target market to drive real business results.

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How to market your brand or event

It’s important to consider how you as a consumer assesses a product or service in making your purchasing decision because it can be quite telling when it comes to knowing how to reach your target market.

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