How to attract and retain key sponsorships


The 2015 Surfers Paradise Carols on the Beach event was hugely popular for both locals and holiday makers who flocked to take up position on the sandy shores of the Gold Coast's glitter strip.

Presented by G:link Gold Coat Light Rail, Paradox Coffee Roasters and Sea FM, the event attracted all ages who had come to share the spirit of Christmas. It was a great event for these sponsors to be a part of – and not only because of the thousands of families who were a captive audience.

There's a feel good factor to being part of something that brings people together in peace and harmony.

The overriding message of the Carols event was that everything begins with believing. When we believe in ourselves and in our decisions we have the ability to achieve almost anything. In the same way, we don't need to physically see Santa Claus to believe in the magic of Christmas. And, it goes without saying those who don't believe in the magic, will never find it.

We can use this analogy as a guide for how we should live our life – peacefully and with purpose – knowing that the universal laws of success are on our side.

Applying the strength and power of belief to our sponsorships is critical to gaining the most from each relationship. Merely assuming that good things will come is not enough. We need to proactively apply the magnetic energies of success.

Following are a few key pieces of wisdom I would like to share if we want to attract and retain the best sponsorship partners.

  • 1.Use your voice for kindness – find opportunity to spread goodwill and to be of service to others. It feels good and there's nothing more powerful than showing kindness – no matter how serious your negotiations.
  • 2.Use your ears for compassion – listen more and speak less. Learn what is really at the heart of the issue and what you need to do to meet the needs of others. Think creatively to produce a win-win-win outcome for the event-holder, the sponsor and your audience.
  • 3.Use your hand for charity – create opportunities to give to those less fortunate through the work of your sponsorship. While there are more charities than ever before, there is more need than ever before too.
  • 4.Use your mind for truth – always take responsibility for yourself, your decisions and your actions. Sometimes a great idea might not turn out to be such a good one in hindsight but we can and should use these times to learn and to grow from the experience. Never cop out through a lack of courage to realise the truth.
  • 5.Use your heart for love – love brings peace when times are awkward and resolution when faced with difficulties. It's easily one of the most powerful intentions you can apply to your relationships and has the potential to change the world one sponsorship at a time.

Want to know more about how to attract and retain key sponsorships? Email me at or phone 1300 366 306 for the full range of sponsorship management solutions.

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